Minimum requirements

To install Wptranslation you must have at least:

How to install the plugin

Import the file from FTP, unzip and access the folder: /wp-content/plugins/ then upload.

How to activate the plugin

From your wordpress site, go to the plugin page, then select Wptranslation and click on “Activate


Google Translate

No configuration is required to use google translate


If you want to translate your site with deepl, enable the deepl option, then enter your API key

Chat GPT 4

Use the rewriting of your content with ChatGPT-4, enable the option and enter your API key

Translate custom fields

Enable the option to translate your Custom fields

Translate Yoast SEO

Enable the option to translate your Yoast SEO Data

Automatic translation

You can translate your content directly from your pages or posts.
Once polylang is set up, you will have access to creating pages in the languages you want to translate.
Just click on the +, the page will be generated directly translated

Bulk automatic translation

Translate your pages, publish in bulk.
On Wptranslation in the bulk section, select your pages, posts
Click on translate, and select the language you want to translate your pages into, post

If you want to generate already generated pages, enable the “Refresh content” option
Then validate by clicking on “translate

Live automatic translation

You can activate live mode to automatically translate your content upon publication

You can also activate this function upon updating your content